Wednesday, March 27, 2013

“But I’m not so think as you drunk I am.” (J.C. Squire)

I'd like to say I have this on good authority but I have it only on Internet authority.  Still, it bears an innate believability and came replete with a facsimile of a motion whereby a Colorado attorney sought an extension to respond to a legal proceeding on the grounds that she “had almost completed ... [her] response on the due date ... but suspended her work to take a friend out to dinner for his birthday.  When she came back, she was unable to finish it, due to the wine.  :-) ”  (Yes, the little sideways happy day face thingy was included in the pleading.)  “WHEREFORE ...” she concluded “... inebriation constituting excusable neglect ... the court should grant the ... extension, as it is in the interest of justice.”  Apparently (again, my authority is the Internet) the court—the phrase sober as a judge comes to mind—granted the extension.  (However, please note that the attorney in a reported (purported) email exchange with the original reporters of this matter claims that she withdrew the motion and filed another one.) 

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